Dog Grooming Courses

In addition to the basic business, we also run courses in dog grooming. These courses are designed to accommodate no more than 1 students at a time so that individual tuition can be given. The courses are planned to give students both an interesting and fast paced experience to bring their skills quickly up to the required level of competence. All of our courses are carefully constructed to meet City and Guilds of London dog grooming standard. All students will be issued with a course work package, a certificate of achievement will be awarded at the end of each course. We do not offer a City and Guilds Certificate.

The Beginners Dog Grooming Course

The beginner’s course will prepare you for employment in a grooming salon as part of the grooming team. This course will be mainly focusing on the preparation of dogs for styling and covering many different breeds. This course will teach you the correct use of all specialised equipment including a forced air blaster, and teach you the entire basic dog grooming skills. You will work under supervision at all times and our professional experienced staff will do everything possible to support, assist and help you throughout your course to help you gain the confidence you will need to complete and progress onto further courses or employment.

                                                             This course will teach you:

Basic animal care.

Care of equipment.

Controlling, restraining and lifting of dogs.

Nail cutting including dew claws.

Ear cleaning.

 Ear plucking

Checking and cleaning wrinkles.

Correct procedure for emptying anal glands.

De-matting and brushing.

Procedures for dealing with parasites.

Using the correct shampoos, conditioners and treatments.

Correct Bathing and drying procedures.

 Hygiene Clipping.

 How to remove hair in pads.

Correct use of grooming equipment (including forced air blaster).


Day course £750 This is a 5 day course which runs 9 am to 4:30 pm but can be flexible upon booking.

The Basic Dog Grooming Grooming Course

This course is designed for students who have already achieved the grooming skills described in the beginner’s course, and who wish to advance onto the next level and achieve clipping and basic scissoring techniques. This course will provide you with the knowledge, techniques and skills needed to begin styling dogs. This course is suitable for all students who will work as part of a team with support available. You will work under supervision and our professional experienced staff will support you in everyway possible to help you achieve course completion and confidence to progress further in grooming.

  This course will teach you:

Correct restraining and control procedures.

Use of scissors and thinners for feet.

Trimming and styling with thinners and scissors.

Setting pattern lines.

Using different blades for styling and clipping.

Basic anatomy.

Animal health and good practise.

Different types of dog coats e.g. coarse coat, rough coat, smooth coat.


Day course £1,350.00 This is a 60 hour course made to suit your lifestyle.
£100 discount will be given when this course is booked to follow the beginner’s course. If this course is completed and you were willing to go into further education, city and guilds level 3 in dog grooming would be the course to progress this (This course would help you progress to level 3)

The Advanced Dog Grooming Course

The advanced course is for students who have already acquired the grooming skills that are described in the basic grooming course, and who wish to advance to learn stripping and specialised scissoring techniques, this course will provide you with the skills needed to begin hand stripping dogs and improving your scissoring skills to complete a more complicated breed for example a Border Terrier

                                                            This course will teach you:

How to use toe blades (poodle feet).

Correctly clipping the face and tail.

Creating a smooth scissor finish.

Hand stripping a variety of breeds correctly.


This is an 8 hour course (9am-5pm) done over the period of one day.

To book a course please call us on

01621 813189

A One day taster course, if you go on to book a course on the same day a £50 discount will be offered.

Taster day includes bath, blow dry,  pads, nails and ear clean.

The course day can run for 4-6 hrs. Equipment will be supplied.

(No City and Guilds certificate issued)

Call 01621 813189  or email: and ask for Michelle to talk about course taster day.

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