Cat Grooming near Colchester
Our grooming parlour has been established in and around Tiptree for 15 years plus. We offer a professional grooming service for cats and dogs

Cat Claw Clipping
We can provide the following services:

Fluff & Puff
Shampoo, Conditioning and massage included
Removing of eye debris
Veterinary clip
Hygiene clipps
Collection and Delivery
Our primary aim with cat grooming is to rescue the cat’s coat, eliminating any matting and build up of loose undercoat. This process will make them feel much more comfortable!

We understand that grooming your cat can be difficult, not everyone has the time or the ability to groom their cat. This is why we offer a collection and delivery service to/from our centre for Cat grooming, ensuring minimum fuss and maximum convenience for you and your cat. They will most definitely thank you for caring enough to book a professional grooming session!

By nature, cats like to keep themselves clean. You’ve no doubt witnessed your kitty washing themselves several times a day. For the most part they can take care of themselves very well, but now and then they’ll need a little help from their loving owners.

A badly matted cat will visibly relax once all matting has been removed. Once all your feline friend’s dead undercoat has been removed the coat will start to shine and look glossy once more!

So if you’ve been looking for Cat grooming near Colchester, call us today to make a booking! Our staff are on hand to make sure your cats are cared for and groomed, giving you complete peace of mind until they return to you. They will enjoy their time here so much they’ll look forward to coming back time and time again!

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