‘The treatment of conditions using the therapeutic qualities of water’

At Mutleys, Hydrotherapy is a carefully controlled, closely monitored course of swimming sessions for pets in a heated, clean, purpose built pool. Underwater jet systems can be used to increase or decrease the resistance against which the pet swims. All pets are equipped with a buoyancy aid.


Studies have shown that hydrotherapy can provide significant and lasting benefits to patients with a wide range of conditions such as; arthritis, hip dysplasia, cruciate and spinal injuries, fractures, neurological damage and general mobility and co-ordination. Hydrotherapy will increase the changes of a quicker post surgical recovery time by reducing and relieving pain, swelling and stiffness, increasing mobility, limb function and their overall behaviour improves rapidly following treatments, owners report.


An increased range of movement in water helps to ease stiff joints.



Non-weight bearing exercise causes less joint concussion and avoids further damage.



Improved muscle patterning and recruitment, helping to improve gait patterns.


Degenerative diseases

Slowing the progression of some symptoms and improving quality of life.


Surgical recovery

Allowing an earlier return to normal activities for your dog.



Weight loss through low impact cardio exercise, reducing joint stress.



Mutleys Hydrotherapy sessions will improve general fitness and wellbeing for your pet giving them the extra exercise they need. Your pet will be working with one of our fully qualified hydro therapists in our 20ft x 8ft heated pool for a session of 30 minutes long.


Hydrotherapy = 30 Minute Session £25.00
Block of 5 Sessions £112.50
Block of 10 Sessions £200.00
Swimming for fun = 30 Minute Session £22.00
Block of 10 sessions £176.00



Mutleys welcomes dogs who want to attend just for fun and fitness, it is a great calorie burner too. Always accompanied, the dogs are encouraged to play with new toys, or their own toys in the pool therefore encouraging them to swim around more.

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